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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stanley Cup!

No, I didn't meet any ambassadors. But I did take my picture with THE Stanley Cup (or one of the 3 that they have out there) last weekend. If I ever get it developed, I'll post it.

But in the meantime, I'd love to call your attention to this:
Anderson Cooper, the man with really white hair!

This is the Anderson Cooper 360 blog. I kinda feel like the guys is overrated, but reading this blog (I'm sure Nikki would agree) brings back this feeling of being haunted by Katrina. Cooper and his producers and other correspondents in the field post here, and it seems like they are using this blog the same way Nikki and I did-- to bring a different level of perspective and emotion to the conflict at hand.

Its still interesting to me to read about what is happening over there from a not-news-package viewpoint-- it feels like the real news is whats posted on the blog, rather than the carefully scripted news stories in the papers and on TV.

And, I also bring it to your attention because Mizzou Con-Virgins did it first. CNN is a bunch of copy-cats!!


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