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Monday, July 24, 2006

coming to a close...

So I'm down to about 10 days left in Toronto!! My mom comes Thursday with her 3 friends (its going to be like Ya-Ya sisterhood invades Canada, I think)- we're goin to Niagara Falls Saturday, then by the time she leaves, I have 3 days left!

Its been a wild experience to say the least- definitely a realization that the rest of the world DOES hate the U.S., but I'm still holding strong to my midwest values :)

And while there is nothing cooler than a thunderstorm in the heart of a city (it echoes off the buildings and sounds like things are falling down around you!), I've really missed the feeling of summer, be it sitting outside at Shiloh (sigh. I miss CoMo!), sweating your brains out and then going into A/C and feeling the relief of cold air (its been in the 70's and low 80's for the most part here), or smelling grass and things not being warm sewage on the street corners. I'm just ready to get back home.

I'm kinda surprised with myself-- I thought I'd enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city more than I have. And I thought I'd enjoy my time in the newsroom more than I have, as well-- its a totally different world working with adults who are indifferent about journalism! I have REALLY missed the passionate work ethic (even if we may fall asleep on the floor of the C-Lab from time to tome!) of the students in J-School...

which is bringing me to think that maybe I need to be reconsidering my direction in a year... at the moment, its heading to grad school, getting my Masters in Eductation and teaching HS Journalism!! (yep. here I go, changing my mind again!)


  • Your post was such a tear jerker Stefanie. Look forward to seeing you in a bit.

    By Blogger Shawn Brouwer, at 9:09 AM  

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